About LifeStyles Academy?

LifeStyles Academy, Inc. was organized on April 1st, 2013, as a subsidiary of Community Services Foundation, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation. The mission of Community Services Foundation is to promote the support, care and comfort of individuals with developmental disabilities. Community Services Foundation has provided and continues to provide services to persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Southwest Cook County and Northwest Will County.

Community Services Foundation is a Sole Member of LifeStyles Academy as well as Southwest Community Services and CTF Illinois.

Why LifeStyles Academy?  There are many people in Illinois with developmental disabilities that are not receiving services. Young adults, turning 22 years of age who have completed their high school transition program are in need of continued support.  Without this support, transitioning from student to adult life can be very difficult.  Most are waiting for funding for services.  LifeStyles Academy provides an enriching environment to continue to learn and grow.  At LifeStyles Academy the plan is driven by the participant’s vision of their future with a focus on employment and career goals.

The Academy functions as a continuing education and career center for individuals with various disabilities. We guide our participants to develop intellectually, socially, physically, creatively and vocationally to their fullest potential. We provide a nurturing environment so the participant may learn the skills and confidence they need to be successful in life and engaged citizens in their community.

The Academy will meet the needs of adults and their families by providing:

  • Vocational training and job placement assistance
  • Transportation to and from the participant’s job
  • Activities and learning opportunities for participants when not at work
  • Social and community-based activities
  • Mentor to participant ratio of 1 to 8
  • Activities on weekends and evenings
  • State of the art gym, theater, vocational training labs and classroom instruction

Online informational seminars for parents and siblings