Our Cause

Lifestyles Academy

Why is there a need for LifeStyles Academy?


As of the PUNS (Prioritization of the Urgency of Need for Services) report dated 1/9/14, there were 21,925 people in Illinois with developmental disabilities waiting for services from the State of Illinois.  In the south, west and southwest suburbs, there were 3,199 people waiting for services.

Many are adults, who have recently graduated from high school and transition programs and have nowhere to go.  In many cases, one parent has to quit working to supervise their adult child because they cannot be left alone and the state does not have funding for them to receive services through the state’s service delivery system.  For single parent families, the challenge is even more significant.  LifeStyles Academy provides an environment where adults with disabilities have the opportunity to explore their interests and learn skills that can help them achieve independence and empowerment.

What is LifeStyles Academy?

Lifestyles Academy is a post-secondary education and training center designed for people with developmental disabilities. The Academy provides additional education experiences, employment opportunities and independent living skills.

LifeStyles Academy’s environment will help adults with disabilities further develop the skills and confidence to be successful in life and in the community. One of our goals is to define what specific skills the participants are interested in developing and work with them to develop those skills and abilities.  But as our name, “LifeStyles” indicates, we aim to provide a comprehensive life-style experience that includes:

·         Vocational training,

·         Inspiring creativity in the arts

·         Imparting awareness and the responsibility of citizenship to all of our participants

·         Intellectual, social and physical development


LifeStyles Academy is the place to be for adults with developmental disabilities who want the choice in what to pursue and how they want to life their life.

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Who is LifeStyles Academy going to serve?

The Academy will provide services for people with developmental disabilities who have completed their high school and/or transition programs. We serve those who want the opportunity to grow, and continue to learn skills that will allow them to have a fulfilling and productive lifestyle.